ERP Testing

ERPs are the most expensive and high value IT assets in the company.  Mission critical business functionalities are provided by ERPs.  ERP packages are growing in complexity and densely packed with comprehensive set of business features and capabilities.  Advancements in technologies and functionalities offered by these packaged solutions render software testing much complex and resource intensive endeavor. Initial deployment, operation and patching and upgrades is immensely daunting and effort intensive activity.  Client specific customizations further increase the challenge.  Testing of these functionalities before releasing to business is an essential component.

ERP testing is critical. Inadequate testing of each and every component of a system and ensuring 100% quality often fails ERP implementation.  Testing your ERP applications manually can be painful – keeping track of changes, hours of reviewing all application code components, functional modules and coverage is never 100%. To reduce the drain on computational and human resources, compress the testing time cycles, and enlarge coverage — automation is indispensable.  Automated testing for ERP is a viable and cost effective solution compared to manual testing.

ERP Testing services from cEpoch automates this process driving efficiencies, increase test accuracy and reduce overall cycle time accelerators time-to-market.  ERP systems are available in multiple versions for multiple domains targeting multiple customers.  ERP functionalities are comprehensive, tightly integrated and interdependent.  Dependency is on other functionalities within the module or with other modules altogether.  Test cases covering complex business scenarios often include lengthy workflows of functionalities to ensure complete coverage on the business processes.