Test Automation Technical Architecture
September 18, 2015
Our Solution
September 18, 2015

Testing Framework


  • cEpoch uses Hybrid Testing Framework
  • Test data contains matrix of key-value pairs (input values), expected outcomes and set of codes (Keywords) and persisted in external repository. At runtime, the keywords drive the actions to be performed on the test application and populate the data required for the test scripts.
  • API to retrieve test data
  • Application modularized into common library of functions that can be invoked in the test scripts when required.





  • More and effective test coverage of test scenarios with minimum number of scripts.
  • Data independence enables cases test script intact when test data is altered, increases flexibility.
  • Scripting knowledge not required for User.
  • Keyword can search across multiple test scripts.
  • Modularization yields reusability, easier and cost efficient maintenance and scalability.

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