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Cepoch works with those attorneys who seek a better return on their investment. We are industry veterans in both the internet marketing world as well as the legal industry. Working with you to always have that next deal in the pipeline!

ssCepoch’s Services

Website Development, Website Enhancements and Affordable Web Hosting.

Help to create an engaging, impactful website to drive all your traffic to that is also mobile friendly.

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blog-ConvertImageLet us help you with your Legal blog on your website. We can provide monthly content for your blog or newsletter. This is the most affordable way to scale your presence!
Your law firm’s website is your #1 marketing asset. Its design, functionality and user experience need to be on par with the best websites your potential clients have ever visited.

Be an Authority in your industry. Clients are looking to hire an authority in your industry.

Adding a blog to your website can increase its chances of ranking in search engines by 434%.

We build fast websites! The speed of your website should be very fast – quick loading pages, engage online users 

Content Marketing

socialSocial Media

95% of millennials expect brands to have a Facebook or Instagram presence. And it’s not just millennials either, 87% of gen x’ers and 70% of those age 45-60 also think brands should have a Facebook and Instagram page. This will humanize you. Not just a suit looking for money. This online visibility will increase traffic to your website and demonstrates authority and brand recognition.

emailEmail marketing

92% of U.S. adults use email and 70% on average have used a coupon from a marketing email in the last week. This is the most cost effective form of marketing there is. We can design messaging, images, content and collaborate with you to develop a dynamic call to action!

videoVideo Marketing

By 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. We can provide content and top-notch video production services.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will help you claim your online real estate practice on sites like, Avvo, and other strategies to bolster your online presence that will positively affect your Google rankings.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

We can provide data, contacts and names for third party marketing platforms that you currently utilize.

Integrated Marketing Solutions
Know where to focus and spend your money. You should be tracking your return on investment with EVERYTHING you do.

Reputation Management
We can assist in online rebuttals to any negative reviews to help you maintain a higher status with your online reputation.

Let us help you build a strong referral network. Do not underestimate word of mouth.