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September 18, 2015
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September 18, 2015

Collapsible Environment

Innovative solution to create a system environment comprising of hardware and software infrastructure, operating system, system networking and other interfaces and connectivity in Cloud using automated framework.  cEpoch’s Collapsible Environment product is a cloud image tailored to a specific application such as HCM or ERP and will be utilized to stand-up client instance in few minutes. Cornerstone of this unique in the market solution is its flexibility to accommodate client specific customizations.

Instead of maintaining the environment unnecessarily after its utilization, cEpoch’s Collapsible Environment  has APIs to save critical and repeatable information such as all test configurations, results and repeatable test case patterns in permanent storage and then deallocates or deprovisions the environment.

This will help overall system environment (hardware and software) and also the human resource costs substantially !


  • Cloud based –  Zero Infrastructure footprint
  • Platform and OS independence – Technology agnostic test automation
  • Instant provisioning and Shutdown (Collapsible)
  • 48-hour On-demand Comprehensive Test Environment Creation and Connectivity to Workday & Salesforce.com
  • User-friendly, Self-Service environment
  • Elastic scalability, Reliability and Availability
  • Cost-effective, readily adaptable and flexible
  • Pay as you go, subscription based pricing

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