SmartData – Data as a Service

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Analyzing your internal data delivers reports and analytics to guide your organizational decision making. Add public and purchased data sources to internal data, that is where the magic begins that pushes your organization to the forefront of data monetization and commercialization.

Data avalanche, “drowning in data, but thirsty for information”… these are typical phrases you may have read or heard in the era of big data.   As you notice data is everywhere – massive amounts of data from all sources – public, private, commercial, information, etc.

But how do you unleash the power of data and analytics?  Much needed external data is always a day late, a bit small and a grand more expensive!  Analysts routinely squander enormous amount of time sifting through pages of Google or Bing results to discover right data source and dataset for required data points to complete or enrich their analysis, only to be frustrated, give up or compromise for substandard data.


Looking for right source of data for your analysis or insights should not be your day job.  Not anymore…. cEpoch’s industry experts and data gurus have identified a better way and make it available in simple, easily discoverable, and always accessible format.

With our unique in market “SmartData” service, a Data as a Service (DaaS) offering, any company, from big blue chip corporations to tiny start-up can now leverage more data than ever before.   cEpoch‘s SmartData service is an universal datastore for all datasets. It is a collection of tens of thousands of most useful, popular datasets of varying sizes await to be harnessed and exploited to deliver transformational insights.

Data sources we offer to our customers cover a comprehensive range of data domains or subject areas including Demographics, Lifestyle, Climate, Geo Location, Life Sciences, Commercial, Product & Services, Government, Finance, Criminal Justice, Labor Market, Energy, Risk Management, Real Estate, Scientific, Research, Education and Training, etc.

Our subscription based service model allows you to customize offering suitable to your requirement.  Service models include – On-demand, one time dataset, monthly subscription for selected datasets, monthly subscription for unlimited number of datasets.  This flexible model assures you access to right information that suits your budget.

We harvest valuable datasets from a broad cross section of subject areas around the world from, execute data quality processes and apply right transformations, and add right metadata before storing in our fully cloud based repositories.  This will generate structured and high quality datasets that are formatted for easier access and  readily consumable by business analysts for analyzing or integrating with other datasets to create actionable insights. Our robust vetting process assures authoritative and reliable data sources.

Right organization of datasets in combination with powerful and context sensitive search algorithms enable our customers to quickly discovery appropriate data assets saving precious time.

Choosing the right format helps ensure the data can be efficiently managed and effectively consumed. To enable easier access and consumption, SmartData stores data in multiple formats formats and structures available across different platforms to suit users’ needs.   We offer datasets in Tabular, Spreadsheets (Excel), CSV, XML, JSON, GeoJSON, PDF and RDF format for greater flexibility to consume data without unnecessary and expensive translations.

Using our DaaS platform, information you need can be delivered to you in your preferred channel or method regardless of geographical barriers with simple and easy to use formats.  Your analysts and administrators can select from a list of options to acquire the data – direct downloads, FTP, sFTP, API, etc.

Time sensitive information can be distributed to your analyst in time so that your organization can monetize and commercialize the insights produced.  As information is produced at a rapid pace, keeping track of them to always stay current with latest updates is a time consuming activity. As our processes monitor and poll the sources periodically and right intervals, you do not have to worry about missing out on latest updates or getting information after its shelf life.

As an added service, our global network of data experts with vast industry experience can help you and your data analysts identify high value and most relevant data sources for your line of business, region or size of organization that they could use in their big data endeavor.   Based on your preference settings and search history, our intelligent engine will inform you recommendation as well.  Right information at your disposal will give you a competitive advantage.

Additionally, we offer a premium analytics services where, our data specialists can assist you to integrate and analyze private, public and purchased data to create compelling insights that drive your business.  Our data experts can perform simple to complex statistical analysis including data mining, context based data analysis by integrating our data with your internal datasets.

Value Proposition

  • Cheaper than the cost of acquiring a single dataset (cost of searching, procuring and formatting a single dataset) !
  • High Quality and reliable Data
  • Formatted Data ready for consumption
  • Industry standard formats – CSV, XML, JSON, Geo JSON, etc.
  • Save precious analyst time for analysis not searching for data sources
  • Always stay current – Notifications on new datasets
  • Subscription model with no Capital Expense
  • Customer Support to address your vital data needs
  • Right Data “Just in time”  – no need to store large external data unnecessarily
  • Tons of complimentary datasets

Ready to leverage cEpoch’s SmartData to build your Success story and become a Data Hero ?