Test Consulting Services

CEPOCH’s team of specialists provide premium advisory services to clients to effectively manage their test strategy, provides testing assistance and quality review.  Equipped with deep domain and technical knowledge, our SMEs can develop a comprehensive testing strategy and plan of action specific to your requirements.  Our expert team will collaborate extensively with key stakeholders and performs thorough evaluation and assessment of the client environment, enterprise opportunities, risks and challenges and presents multi-level recommendation.  Our QA SMEs deliver prescriptive recommendations that include a combination of frameworks, processes, approaches, methodologies and pragmatic technology solutions to optimize testing effectiveness and framework for test governance. Team also advises on industry standards and best practices further enhancing value of your QA services.

CEPOCH’s  QA professionals can perform portfolio assessment and maturity assessment and recommend a pragmatic transition plan to target state maturity.  This expert team increase will help you build your structured software testing practice and substantially enhance testing competency.

Highlights of value delivered include:

  • Build and enhance strategic QA competency
  • Decreased defect density and better Defect Management
  • Improved product or service quality
  • Improved risk management
  • Productivity improvement
  • Efficiency gains, eliminate rework
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Align testing capabilities with business expectations and solution development
  • Increased System stability and predictability
  • Define key metrics and formulate processes for tracking and reporting on the metrics to measure long-term effectiveness of the test improvement initiatives

Through functional expertise and technical competency, CEPOCH can help you define, deploy, accelerate and manage testing capabilities, overcome testing challenges, shorten release cycles and maximize the value of QA investments.

Our QA SMEs can help you in

  • Practice – Establish test automation practice and planning for subsequent release iterations
  • Analysis – Identify the testable requirements and categorize automated and manual test cases i.e. automation feasibility analysis. balance functional and non functional requirements.
  • Test Execution – Test plan, test case preparation, test data preparation, RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix), Test cycle  execution and remove runtime process and technology bottlenecks.
  • Test Closure – At the conclusion of the test cycle, our professionals generate quantitative and qualitative reports and prepare Test Closure report.

CEPOCH offers a variety of training courses and provides Comprehensive training services help your resources enrich the knowledge and expertise in QA automation in general and accelerate using our framework and technologies in particular. Our experienced knowledge management professionals provide Training services to clients  in advancing the testing practices, using the CEPOCH’s product, Cloud deployments and optimizing test environments.

The curriculum includes step-by-step instructions on using the software and applying to real world scenarios and use cases.   Courses are highly customizable and delivered in multiple channels and formats.  The course content can be designed to meet client’s requirements and schedules.  The training service offerings include onsite hands-on training, online training, videos and manuals.

Get in touch with our specialists to determine which option is most suitable for your team.