Questionnaire for Optimized Digital Presence

September 2016 Newsletter
September 25, 2016

Questionnaire for Optimized Digital Presence

Digital Presence Questionnaire for Optimized Digital Presence

    Listening intently to what our clients are saying is the foundation for making this relationship a success!   CEPOCH digital specialists follow a standard procedure to elicit, understand and document customer requirements.

  1. What is your firm’s story? Is it being told and re-told?
  2. Define the most important aspect of your brand’s vision?
  3. What is your ideal Client Persona – Client (Realtors or Consumers)  profile?
  4. Client Demographics (age range, location, gender, location, education, income levels).
  5. Websites they read
  6. Targeted audience of the digital marketing? –
  7. What are your intended expectations of your current marketing strategies?
  8. What do you think your clients expect from you?
  9. What is your number one priority for your business this upcoming year?
  10. What do you believe needs to be strengthened to achieve this?
  11. What options have you looked at to achieve this?
  12. What is unique about your business compared to your competitors? (Value proposition)
  13. What is the value of a new client to you?
  14. What are you currently spending on your marketing strategy?
  15. What is your current digital presence – website, mobile, social, SEO, etc.?   What are their characteristics?
  16. What are the objectives of your website or digital presence?
  17. What are Qualitative and quantitative metrics you track?  e.g. site traffic, social media following, reviews, ratings,
  18. bounce rates, downtimes, hours spent by your team, etc.?
  19. What does your current social media marketing program look like? What platforms do your brand have a presence on?
  20. What is working vs. what’s not working with your current digital footprint?
  21. Outline functionality you, your team and your customers need and categorize by criticality – must have, wish list
  22. What are your specific, measurable goals for social media/ marketing? (New client acquisition or client retention)
  23. Who will manage the new website, social media platform after go-live?

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