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September 18, 2015
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September 18, 2015


Software product testing is time consuming and resource intensive activity. Performing the validations to ensuring the systems and components are operating according to the requirements specifications and delivering the intended capabilities is repetitive and complex task. Every application whether custom built or packaged solution will have some degree of tailored code segments. Automating these diverse set of functions is a challenging task.

How are we Different

While several providers have product offerings to automate portions of tasks and usecases, cEpoch’s IP based test patterns and test automation solutions are unique in the marketplace.   We distinguish from others creating a niche place of automated test environment and test execution.  Meticulous selection of test cases that maximize value and avoiding test scenarios that should not be automated or counterproductive i.e. when automation takes more value than it generates are cornerstones of our testing methodology.

cEpoch’s product differentiation is evident every process and activity.

  1. Zero on-prem footprint and instant test environment provisioning in cloud.
  2. Equipped with extensive industry experience, cEpoch’s functional SMEs identified IP based test patterns for major business processes that are ideal candidates for testing automation. This high precision activity will improve testing effectiveness.
  3. The product suite has integrations to different related products and services in a typical ERP, CRM or HCM landscape, thereby simplifying interoperability with client’s IT ecosystem.
  4. Only product in the test automation space that offers the Collapsible Test Environment at the end of the test iteration providing a true utility billing model for clients.

Aligns with your Enterprise Infrastructure Strategy of Cloud First and Cloud Migration and expansion of on-prem footprint. By reducing energy consumption, instant provisioning and quick collapsing environment reduce carbon footprint and helps environment sustainability movement.

  • Cloud solution –Zero  on-prem digital footprint. Full environment of cloud solution for clients
  • Instant Provisioning and Collapsible Test Environment
  • Elasticity – Lean provisioning
  • 300+ Prebuilt ‘Ready-to-Use’ Automated Test Patterns
  • Accelerated Migration and abbreviated overall cycle time

  1. 60% reduction in overall Testing Cost
  2. 80% reduction in test design and test case development effort
  3. 40% increase in ERP test coverage
  • Cost savings upfront and incremental
  • Typical ROI – 1 year (1 migration)
  • Reusable Test Assets in multiple iterations and multiple environments
  • Reduce cycle time, Faster delivery and Goto market
  • Functional Expertise on Enterprise Application Provisioning, Migration and Testing Strategies
  • Business application agility – upgrades, functional releases, patches
  • Lower defect density, early defect detection, improved accuracy, increased data fidelity, business satisfaction
  • Streamlined test management and Workflow consistency; reduce business disruptions
  • Improved System stability, predictability and Downtime minimization
  • Expand test coverage through increased test capacity
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance – SOX, SAS70, HIPAA

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