Workday is the leading cloud based HR and Benefits management solution.  Workday’s rapid growth and adoption by mid to large organization in public ,private and non-profit generated huge value for employers and employees.   The clients big and small increasingly demanded new functionalities and features from Workday.  Where they found a gap, the organizations utilized customizations to bridge the gap.  cEpoch has helped organizations develop customizations in various areas, such as internal and external integrations, reporting, etc.

cEpoch Workday Services

cEpoch consultants has helped organizations develop Workday integrations, security and reporting.  We offer 3 critical services for Workday implementations:

  1. Workday Integration patterns (Studio, EIB and Core connectors) for HCM and Finance modules
  2. Workday Reporting (matrix reports, Worklets and Dashboards)
  3. Workday Security patterns – IAM, and Workday Security administration

Workday Integration Patterns from cEpoch 

Predefined integration cookbook provides integration strategy with Workday, enterprise and external partners.

  • Define the Workday Integration Framework
  • Define core concepts needed to use Workday Integration Tools and Technology
  • Workday Public Services – request and reply
  • EIB Integrations
  • Core Connectors
    • HCM and Finance connectors – both inbound and outbound
    • Document Transformation
      • XTT (XML To Text)
      • ETV (Element Transformation and Validation)
  • Studio Integrations
    • Context mediation
    • Document transport mediation in Studio, XSLT, XTT and ETV
    • Studio integration patterns in Payroll, Benefits, Finance and Security
    • External integrations with Oracle, SAP, etc.

Workday Reporting from cEpoch

  • Standard reporting and dashboarding using out of the box Workday features
  • Custom and complex reporting using prompts, filters, groupings and calculated fields, worklets, analytical indicators.
  • Add analytic indicators and charts to visualize the data in a report.
  • Group reports together for scheduling, and generate multiple versions of a report.
  • Big Data enablement for HCM and Finance data creating advanced analytical solutions for deeper insights and informed business decision making.

Workday Security Patterns from cEpoch

Functional domain, and business process security policies.

  • User based security
  • Role based security
  • Job based security
  • Segment based security
  • Membership based security
  • Intersection security
  • Integration center/service center security
  • Level based security

IAM Integrations from cEpoch

  • cEpoch provides a standard IAM pattern to integrate Workday enterprise IAM platform or LDAP directories for quick and clean access management solution.
  • SSO for internal and external applications using SAML standards.

Workday Functional / Technical Expertise

  • cEpoch built strong onsite and offsite functional and technical professionals for HCM and Finance modules, average experience in functional area is 5 years and 4 years in Finance.
  • 25 offshore technical experts are available for inexpensive leverage from India. This team is projected to grow to 100 by turn of the year.
  • 24 x 7 support for both functional and technical modules.