Business Intelligence along with Big Data has been stellar performer in IT for a decade.  Its continued growth did not take anyone by surprise.  Its value proposition is compelling and cost of status quo is unbearable for any organization.

Make your data work for your organization. Building powerful business intelligence reporting tools, applications, and other systems for your organization’s analytics can help your users gain critical insights when data matters the most.

Users can create powerful reports and analytics from a variety of sources: whether it’s from Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, ERP, CRM, or any other source available to your organization – both internal and external.

Selecting a team of uniquely qualified niche consultants who have vast experience and competencies to understand business processes and map them to appropriate business intelligence solutions is critical to the success of BI initiative.

Cepoch has been helping organizations deliver robust BI solutions using leading and proven technologies including PowerBI, Tableau, OBIEE, Cognos, Informatica, InfoSphere, etc.  Our talented team of business intelligence SMEs can partner with you to rapidly deliver Visual BI – intuitive dashboards, advance analytics and that help your organization make informed decisions with more accurate data and greater certainty.  Our practice includes all aspects of data management such as data architecture, metadata management, data cataloging, master data management, data quality, data governance, data integration and data consumption.

Cepoch brings unique insight with knowledge of a breadth of technology solutions that improve visibility within your businesses through dashboards, presentations and reporting solutions.

Our Business Intelligence consulting practice leverages experience, tools and technology to help you glean insights that will allow you:

  • Monitor market conditions, customer preferences, future trends and demographic shifts
  • Make sound business decisions based on accurate, current and comprehensive information
  • Increase ROI while decreasing total cost of ownership
  • Unite disparate business processes

Cepoch Business Intelligence solutions help you gain and retain a competitive advantage by:

  • Understanding the current capabilities of your business and creating plans based on future needs
  • Anticipating trends in your business and adjusting business strategies to meet emerging trends
  • Managing more data in shorter time frames
  • Organizing and interpreting real-time data quickly

As your dedicated partner, Cepoch team diligently focuses on your needs to create a BI framework that empowers your organization’s decision-making processes. By consistently delivering timely and accurate information to your business-user communities, we help your entire organization to make better-informed decisions — ultimately achieving the results you aspire.