Title Services / Title Support Services

Cepoch recognizes that one of the most significant part of mortgage process is Title search. Expert Cepoch team conducts inspection on all financial obligations including the property in deal. It includes searches against lawsuits, liens, deeds, mortgages, taxes, bankruptcies and legal claims. At Cepoch, we assure cost-effective and high-quality title search services. Our title search services enable you to make a right decision on a property deal. 

Cepoch provides assistance for mortgage title search and title preparation support to title companies. We offer a quick turnaround time at a very affordable cost. Follow stringent and comprehensive approach to ensure clear, error-free title documentation.

Title Services team works on policy creation, data entry, premium verifications, order creation, documents uploading, proofreading, and address book creation. Cepoch involves various teams who perform auxiliary services for Title Search Teams. This involves the back-end work that facilitates the Title Search Teams in assembling the property report. Such services include extracting documents, determining and plotting the legal property, opening orders, supporting the clients in disbursing the reports, confirmation of report delivery, and providing access for customers to view reports online.

Our Offerings

Title Search – As part of title search a detailed inspection of the financial commitments relating to the reference property is undertaken. The search would include all binding legal cases, deeds, mortgages, taxes, debts and claims on the property based on public records. Perform the title search and prepares the title on the current owner search, and on the last two owners in title and retrieves all relevant documents such as open liens, other encumbrances and current taxes.

Full Title Search – Perform a full search for 20, 40 or 60 years as required, and retrieve details on chain deeds, open liens, REO reports, easements / CCRs and tax information.

Update Search – Perform a title search from the effective date of the last title report to the current date and retrieves all relevant details.

Title Typing

Title Examination – Examine the risk from both financial and legal angles for the property deal. This comprises flagging properties having legal commitments (liens, claims, debts, litigation). Analysis covers title history, ownership records, aging details of property and prevailing market rates to assess accurate value.

Title Commitment – Our team will assist with Title Commitment prepared by title company or real estate law firm to promise issuance of a title insurance policy to the buyer and helps in additional analysis to ensure the title commitment provided is free from all discrepancies.

Tax Reports

Preliminary Title Report


Cepoch team provides a detailed and customized set of title reports to ease your property analysis and facilitate real estate purchases or mortgage refinancing for bankers, mortgage lenders, home builders and developers, and buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties. These title reports are prepared with extensive research on the properties and their ownership history, in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the property location.