WyzeWaze is a comprehensive, fully integrated and highly automated Productivity platform for for companies in the real estate, title, escrow, settlement services, REO, legal, and other paper-based “transactional” industries. WyzeWaze is a simple site that would enable our partners to automate their legal and real estate tasks.

By streamlining and guiding industry-specific production processes, and managing communications, WyzeWaze allows organizations to increase productivity, transactional volume, accuracy, transparency, market share, and customer satisfaction. A revolutionary solution to transform your business.

WyzeWaze solution simplifies your front and back office functions; and communication with customers and other parties. WyzeWaze is a cutting-edge application that combines all functions required for a successful and highly profitable enterprise. With predefined solutions for your online real estate team, your conversion will increase and you will truly notice the positive results in days!

** Must have Productivity tool for Solo & Small Law Firms and Real Estate Agencies **

Fast paced real estate attorneys and professionals need tools that help foster customer relationships on-demand i.e. anytime, anywhere. WyzeWaze enables you can stay in touch with your clients all the time. This platform that allows you to connect with other attorneys, referral agents, buyers agents, listing agents, lenders and vendors.

Rich Feature List

Contact Management
Lead Management​
Generate Leads from Website and Social Media
Campaign Management - Email, Web, Social
Generate Leads from Website and Social Media
Document Management
Document Creation and Organization
Document Templates
PDF Conversion
Forms for Order Closing Title
Workflow Process
Email Integration into Other Applications
Task Management
Custom Reporting and Dashboards
Links to Important Websites
Data management
Data Extracts, Lists

WyzeWaze manages your leads, team, lenders, and closings, all in one convenient place.

  • Mail templates, add new incoming email addresses into their own database manager (both outlook and Gmail) and Sync for future email drip campaigns.
  • Sync the WW calendar to your devices (mobile phone, Ipad, etc).
  • Built in task manager/checklist for accountability and organization.
  • Robust CRM functionality with leads, contacts, account management, etc.
  • Built-in document templates (real estate specific, or any documents via .pdf/DocuSign) in a military grade, secure cloud environment.
  • Detailed productivity reports (buy side, sale side, who was the referring agent, etc) at your finger tips. They can run these monthly and eventually run year over year reports for trend and marketing spends.
  • The site is designed with a plug and Play (API) environment and pulling and pushing data would be very easy.

Additionally, WyzeWaze offers a full self-service, comprehensive solution for legal and other professional service organizations.

How incredible would it be, if you open a Real estate file in this system and could just push a button to order title directly to Title Company without having to leave the site to re-key in data to order title.

Work Faster, smarter and increase productivity & profitability!

This is very unique and would position you at the forefront of our industry. It covers most if not all of attorney and other real estate professional pain-points and wish list.

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Customer Benefits

Detailed Product Features

Release 1: Email, Doc Share, Order Title, CRM Foundation

Email and Personalize Launch Page

  • Email Integration with Gmail and Outlook
  • Task Planner
  • Workflow Process
  • Personalized Launch page

CRM Foundation

  • Foundational CRM Functionality
  • Contact Database e.g. listing agents, seller agents, sellers, etc.
  • Contact Management including Export / Import from 3rd party

Transaction Management & Workflows

  • Popular Document Templates
  • Rotunda – Document Share
  • Order Title
  • Mobile Web Access

Productivity Reports and Dashboards

Release 2: CRM and Campaign Management

Advanced CRM

  • Lead and Prospect Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Complex Workflows, More Transactions Types

  • Automated File Management
  • Complex Workflow Process
  • More Transaction Types e.g. Other Legal Services
  • More Doc Templates

Campaign Management

  • Email campaign on anniversaries, closing date reminders
  • Thank you letters and new business initiatives
  • Social media integrations and Marketing campaigns

Mobile App

  • Mobile App – iOS and Android

Release3: Financial Management and Advanced Productivity

Financial Management

  • Online Bill pay, Abacus and Time Slips
  • Account Receivables (AR), Account Payables (AP)
  • Interfaces .. MRED Loop

Social Media & 3rd Party Integrations

  • Social media Management
  • Extensive Campaigns
  • 3rd party interfaces and Integrations – MRED, Loopnet

Advanced Collaboration

  • Phone from Dashboard
  • Talk-2-Text Memo
  • Calls from Computer
  • Video Conferencing

Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Military Strength Security

Access Management

  • Secure access to the application and Entitlements.
  • Activity logging and monitoring.


  • Military Grade Security! Customer data and artifacts are encrypted using AES-256 standard.

Secure Backup and Restoration

  • All data will be automatically backuped and ready to be restored when needed.  Your data is never lost!


  • Secure digital signature for Compliance, convenience and productivity gains.  Your signature will be an  Autograph !