Is IT a player in your business goals and objectives

If not, we encourage you to talk with Cepoch. Today’s business climate is intensely demanding, and IT can play a pivotal role in shaping your success. We help companies find ways to be more productive, secure and competitive. Whether you need help on a project or want a top-to-bottom operational assessment, we can help you with everything from infrastructure and IT security to data management, cloud applications, privacy issues, and more.  Our clients are consistently surprised at how their operations improve once they have an assessment and bridge a few technological gaps. You will too.

Procurement Consulting

As a business grows, and the number of devices in the organization needing repair, replacement, and maintenance starts to add up.  Procuring new PCs, servers, mobile devices, and more requires more careful planning.  Managing expenses and choosing the right hardware is an important consideration that we advise businesses on regularly. Moving to the cloud carries its own sort of procurement challenges.  You need to estimate compute usage in your organization and plan for procurement of virtual machines, rather than physical hardware.  Contact us for help with IT procurement planning and forecasting.

Cepoch brings significant economies-of-scale to bear in procuring your IT equipment and software licenses. Our experts consult with you to identify your needs, budget parameters, and work only with reputable suppliers. And since we are vendor agnostic, you can be confident our recommendations are based strictly on the best fit for your business.

Our consultants

Our consultants are knowledgeable and reliable enough to provide IT consulting at any level of your IT project. It doesn’t matter on which stage of your software or mobile application development project you might have stuck up, we are here with a problem-solving approach to help you with your project completion successfully.

Sometimes a Dedicated Staff Is Not Enough

For many companies, supporting the information technology demands of today’s workplace is increasingly challenging. Internal IT staff are often spread thin, may not have the breadth of skills needed to keep up, and are difficult to recruit and retain in a highly competitive market. The Co-Managed IT Services model is designed to answer this challenge.

As your Co-Managed IT services provider, TeamLogic IT can help your internal IT department be more successful.  Let us assist you in these key areas:

Managed IT Services

Cover all the bases with Proactive IT, Preventative IT and Responsive IT, inclusive of:

  • Application and operating system patch management
  • Remote monitoring and management of desktops and servers
  • Cybersecurity essentials, endpoint protection, employee security awareness training
  • Backup and disaster recovery for your critical systems 

Help Desk Services

Our North American support team follows best practices and ensures your employees stay productive. Our services include:

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Support by skilled technicians
  • Toll-free phone lines
  • Escalation procedures
  • Co-managed ticket workflow
  • Call tracking through to resolution
  • Workstation hardware support
  • Operating system support
  • Core application software support
  • Email client support
  • Microsoft Office O365 support
  • Call activity reporting 

Virtual CTO Services ( vCTO / vCTO)

Cepoch can function as your virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)  or virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) by helping you align technology with your business. Our services include:

  • Technology roadmap development and review
  • Ongoing IT planning and budgets
  • Technology & business risk assessment
  • Technology planning & deployment
  • Vendor management
  • IT expertise and leadership 

Project Outsourcing

We can assist you with the projects that would otherwise consume the full attention of your IT staff.  Our services include:

  • IT relocation services
  • Procurement services
  • Desktop and server virtualization
  • Network design
  • Network assessment

Information Technology Planning

When engaged in your project, Cepoch will provide a complete IT Strategic Plan and scheduling of your next set of projects including:

  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Financial Investment
  • Resource Assessments
  • Application Review
  • Infrastructure/Hardware Review
  • Technology Selection and Procurement

Let’s build the future together. Our experts will help you devise the plan for keeping your IT in step with your vision.