If you have unique business need that is not fulfilled by purchased solutions, or if you require complex processes and workflows, custom software is the best option to accommodate your exact preferences and specifications.

At Cepoch, we build powerful and scalable solutions to fuel your business growth. Internal software, client-facing systems, modernizing and integrating legacy applications or websites — we develop solutions designed specifically for your business goals.

WordPress, Drupal, Google Sites, SharePoint, PHP, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, .NET, JAVA, MySQL, SQL Server, etc. are some of the technologies that we have used to build and deploy captivating and award winning web applications! Our portfolio includes 100s of sites and 1000s of web pages.  Our dynamic team of highly expert designers and developers have strong competency in delivering highest quality and immersive Portal, Web and eCommerce development solutions.

Cepoch team has a stellar reputation for delivering innovative custom web applications that exceed client expectations. Our custom web application development specialists offer the highest level of usability, scalability and complete compatibility in browsers and platforms. Cepoch invests a considerable amount of time to understand your objectives, specific requirements, user personas, customer expectations and timelines and your business process so we can offer a tailored options for you.

At Cepoch, we build powerful and scalable solutions – internal software, client-facing systems, legacy modernization, etc. We develop solutions designed specifically for your business goals to fuel your business growth. With over a decade of experience building custom software and web applications for a wide variety of clients, we are highly qualified to take on most custom projects, large or small

Our Specialities

Our Result-Oriented Services Include:

  • Custom Web Application Design and Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Application Integration
  • Legacy Application Migration / Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • WordPress/Drupal Based Website Design
  • HTML/CSS/JS, HTML5 Based Responsive Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Media integration and Management


Custom software development solutions to help your company succeed.

» Software Independence

Streamline your software to fit your unique business needs. Eliminate complicated spreadsheets, siloed systems, and features you don’t need so you can scale and grow.

» Increase Productivity

Make your software align with your business processes instead of trying to conform to a clunky system with too
many features. Your software should work the way you work.

» Increased Scalability

Your business processes will become increasingly more complex as you grow. With custom software development. you can tailor your systems to your everchanging business needs.

» Better Security

Everyday there seems to be a new data breach or vulnerability discovered. Reduce your security risks with custom software that is less susceptible to security vulnerabilities.

» Integrate Existing System

Do you already have a system in place? Extend the capabilities by providing information in new and streamlined ways to make it easier for your team to get their job done.

» Cut Costs and Save Money

Eliminate costly features you don’t need from your applications. Plus with your own software, you don’t have to worry about expensive licenses.